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Volume 12 - Issue# 01 - Year 2022


Growth of the RACI from 2017 through 2021
Alfredo E Rodríguez

If we study the Argentine Journal of Interventional Cardioangiology (RACI) Google analytics and compare the last 5 years we will see the growing interest this journal has created within our medical specialty both in and out of our country. Interest has probably even spread to other medical specialties associated with ours, though not necessarily focused on percutaneous coronary interventions....

Artículo de Revisión

Percutaneous coronary intervention for left main corona...
David A Power MD y cols.

The left main coronary artery (LMCA) supplies blood to approximately 75% of the total myocardium. While LMCA disease (LMCAD) accounts for less than 5% of lesions on routine coronary angiography, the large area of muscle subtended illustrates its significance as a target for revascularization. Historically, coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG) was considered the gold standard therapy fo...

Artículo Original

Transient percutaneous balloon occlusion vs uterine art...
Federico Martín Riolo y cols.

Placenta accreta is a serious complication during pregnancy that can be associated with massive bleeding during and after delivery with the potential risk for the patient’s life. Currently, the rate of accretism is 1 for every 1000 deliveries (0.04% to 0.9%). Accretism is the most common indication for peripartum hysterectomy due to the increase of C-sections seen over the last 50 years...

Artículo Original

Association between variations in the combination of li...
Marcos Hernández y cols.

Traditionally we know that since the first time the cardiovascular system was approached via radial access back in 1948—at the time only to monitor invasive arterial pressure—this route of access has been widely used and perfected within the field of cardiac interventional procedures to the point that, to this date, it is access route of choice, and has displaced the femoral acces...

Caso Clínico

TAVI in patient with low and anomalous origin of left m...
Marcelo Menéndez y cols.

Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) consists of the transcatheter implantation of an aortic valve. This procedure is indicated in patients with symptomatic severe aortic stenosis. At the beginning it was used in inoperable patients, but in time its indication grew and now it is used in high-risk surgical patients, and lately even in intermediate-risk surgical patients. Recent studi...

Caso Clínico

Valve-in-Valve due to prosthetic tricuspid valve stenos...
Ramiro Acevedo y cols.

This is the case of a 56-year-old woman with a past medical history of tricuspid valve replacement at the age of 33 due to infectious endocarditis treated with anticoagulation due to atrial flutter, and ligation of esophageal varices due to bleeding. The patient showed clinical signs of chronic right heart failure. EKG findings: severe right atrial dilatation (48 cm²), and severe stenosi...

Caso Clínico

Endovascular revascularization of central veins and sub...
Marcel Voos Budal Arins y cols.

The gradual increased number and age of the population on dialysis runs parallel to the advances made in nephrological care, and makes us to wonder whether the number of patients with exhaustion of conventional vascular accesses will increase with the passing of time. Exhaustion of conventional vascular accesses for dialysis is rare. However, in their routine practice, most dialysis centers w...


Bilateral iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis in patient w...
Verónica Gonzalez y cols.

This is the case of a 45-year-old obese woman admitted due to bilateral iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis (DVT) of a 4-day clinical course with ultrasound evidence of compromise to the common femoral and superficial veins, and bilateral deep veins with spread towards both iliac axes and IVC. Due to the epidemiological context under which the patient is admitted to the hospital, a nasopharyngea...

Carta del Presidente

Letter from the President of CACI
Martín Cisneros

Dear colleagues and friends:We have recently initiated a new management in our beloved college, a new board of directors takes over that —as the other boards that have come before us— will do everything in its power to bring benefits and advantages to our members and medical society alike. Our focus will be on promoting team effort. Therefore, with the work, collaboration, an...

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